Without a doubt, the question asked most often, whether it’s by email or on the phone is:  “How does Pure Hydration compare to the Kangen machine?” The answer is almost always “that depends on what you are looking for.  Are you looking for a machine that has lots of buttons and talks to you? If that is the case, and you have thousands of dollars to spend, then Kangen is the machine for you! But if you are simply looking for extremely healthy water, the ideal pH, loaded with antioxidants and affordable, then Pure Hydration is for you!”

What really matters are the results, right. Is one healthier than the other or is it simply two different processes to achieve vibrant healthy water? So, let’s do a quick comparison of both machines.  We break this down into the four most important categories:  filtration capabilities, pH value, antioxidant levels, and affordability.

First, let’s about filtration. Your end goal is not only to have healthier water but also have you consume more water. So, it stands to reason you want water that is as clean as possible.  Pure Hydration is rated in the UF (Ultrafiltration) category because of the system’s ability to trap particles as small as 0.02 micron. We are so proud of our NSF testing results that we publish the independent findings on our website. Kangen SD501 filtration level is at 3.0 micron, which is great for removing the chlorine from the water, but not much else. Kangen does not publish any of their test results. If you are going to be consuming more water, don’t you want the confidence in knowing it is ultra-filtered?

Second, it is important to make sure the water you consume is highly absorbable as it passes through the intestines. The industry consensus is that water between 9.0-9.5 pH is best for absorbability. Both Kangen SD501 and Pure Hydration provide this pH rating.

Third, let’s examine the antioxidant levels of both machines.  It is common knowledge that antioxidants are wonderful for the body, and they neutralize free radicals in the body as well. But did you know that not all antioxidants are the same? They vary greatly in size, which limits where they can travel in the body.  The smaller the antioxidant, the more beneficial it is. The smallest, most helpful antioxidant is called Molecular Hydrogen, which can enter the body on a cellular level. There are thousands of case studies on Molecular Hydrogen, and we have links to some on our website. Molecular Hydrogen is measured in either PPM or PPB. We prefer to say PPB (parts per billion) because you don’t have to remember the decimal point. So, how do the two systems stack up in the antioxidant category? Pure Hydration is in the 1400-1500 PPM range, while Kangen SD 501 is not far behind in the range of 1200-1300 PPM. Both machines produce excellent antioxidant levels.

And finally, there is the affordability category. The Kangen SD 501 runs in the $4000 range and is a very good machine.  The filtration isn’t great, but it has adjustable settings, and for some people, that is what they want.  On the other hand, if you can do without all the buttons, and want all the health benefits of really great water, Pure Hydration is the way to go!! Priced at $495, with added discounts for those that choose one of the auto-ship programs for regular cartridge replacements, it is the most affordable way to go.

This comparison is only to let you know that there is a natural alternative to Kangen and other electronic water ionizers. We believe wholeheartedly in the benefits found in drinking this type of water. Gradually increase your water intake until you reach about half your body weight in ounce per day (weight 100lbs. drink 50oz.) to see your maximum benefits. Remember water is how your body transports nutrients to your cells, and the body also uses water to detoxify and rid itself of waste.

 Go Pure, Go Natural, Go Pure Hydration and take back your health.