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Cosan/USA has become the world’s only manufacturer of an all-natural water ionizers with the capability to producing vast amounts of Molecular Hydrogen. We first learned of this little known but miraculous antioxidant from a leading research doctor from South Korea, who had spent decades researching its benefits. We were so intrigued by his work that we invited him to our facility in Florida to share with us firsthand what he had learned. After working together, we concluded that for maximum benefit the Molecular Hydrogen needed to be produced naturally using minerals, which also creates the ideal pH. Naturally, infused “ACTIVE HYDROGEN” water is the most beneficial delivery method to allow the body to rapidly absorb the antioxidants. This led us to two years of R&D, trying different formulations before coming up with our renowned propriety process.

In October of 2014, the first Pure Hydration system was produced. Since then, tens of thousands of these systems have been enjoyed throughout the world. Cosan/USA produces and markets many different products, but Pure Hydration is and always will be our signature product.

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