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Pure Hydration Water Ionizer Alkaline Water with Molecular Hydrogen

$455.00 with 6-month auto-ship

  • Proper hydration is the best prescription for improving one’s health so make sure that you and your loved ones are drinking only top quality, health-boosting water with the help of the world’s most advanced All-Natural Water Ionizer – Pure Hydration Alkaline Water Ionizer with Molecular Hydrogen!
  • This revolutionary alkaline water ionizer with molecular hydrogen offers so many wonderful health benefits. It helps reduce acid reflux, GERD, and joint inflammation. Ionized alkaline water with the ideal pH creates rapid cellular absorption to support the immune system and one’s overall health.
  • Molecular hydrogen helps neutralize free radicals. As an antioxidant, it has powerful cleansing properties that aid the body to get rid of harmful toxins leading to unwanted health conditions.
  • Affordable, only $.07 per liter.
  • Easy installation connects to most faucets in minutes.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee (see warranty page).



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Pure Hydration
Dr. Abiola Oladoke

“I recommend this system to all our patients.”

Dr. Abiola Oladoke, California

“Proper hydration is the best prescription for improving your health.”

“Finally found an alkaline system I could afford. I feel so energized!”

Sabrina, Indiana

“My joint inflammation is much less since using Pure Hydration.”

Jacob, Florida

“Since using Pure Hydration my mind feels sharper.”

Anna, Texas

“My doctor recommended Pure Hydration to help with acid reflux. Finally got relief, and its natural.”

Gerald, Hawaii

Simply the Best!

  • No Electricity Needed

  • No Waste Water

  • Ideal pH for the Body

  • Ultra-Filtration

  • Rich in Antioxidants

  • Removes 99.9% of Over 220 Water Contaninates

  • Great for Drinking, Cooking, Making Coffee, and More!

Pure Hydration Water Filter .07 cents per liter
Pure Hydration Alkaline Water Filter Boost Immune System

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Pure Hydration Water System, Pure Hydration, 6-month Auto-Refill, and Lifetime Warranty, Pure Hydration and 8-month Auto-Refill


Frequently Asked Questions & Specifications

What is Molecular Hydrogen? Molecular Hydrogen is the most beneficial antioxidant for the body because of its exceedingly small size; in fact, it is the only antioxidant that can enter at a cellular level. Molecular hydrogen is two hydrogen molecules bonded together.

How does Molecular Hydrogen neutralize free radicals? The Molecular hydrogen in Pure Hydration works the same way as other antioxidants, by donating an electron to an unstable free radical. Donating the electron balances the dangerous free radical, rendering it neutral and no longer harmful to the body.

Can you see Molecular Hydrogen in the water?  When produced naturally in water, Molecular Hydrogen is a microscopic gas bubble that is not visible to the naked eye.

Is a higher pH water beneficial to the body? A higher pH water in combination with active hydrogen is greatly beneficial to the human body. A higher pH water is more easily absorbed by the body allowing for better hydration. It also has strong cleansing properties that aid the body in ridding itself of harmful toxins.

What are the specifications of Pure Hydration?

Molecular Hydrogen (H2) Up to 1500ppb
Filtration Level .02 Micron. removes 99.9% of over 220 water contaminants
pH Level 9-9.5ph Range Depending on source water
ORP (Oxidative Reduction Potential) -400 to -700 Range
Number of Cartridges 4 Easy change, quarter-turn cartridges
Power needed No electricity is required
Included Hardware Cartridges, Diverter Valve, Tubing and Owner’s Manual
Dimensions 14″High x 14″Deep x 8″Wide
Weight 10 lbs. Before installation

How does drinking water benefit the body? The body uses water to bring nutrients to our cells; it is also how our bodies rid themselves of waste and toxins. For the body to stay properly hydrated, you must supply it with ample amounts needed to survive and create a great flushing action for the liver and kidneys.

How much water should I consume per day? To stay properly hydrated, we recommend working up to half your body weight in ounces per day. For example, if you weigh 200 pounds drink 100 ounces of water per day.

What have Pure Hydration customers remarked after properly hydrating? After several weeks of good hydration, our customers testify that inflammation in their joints has significantly subsided, some experienced reduced acid reflux and many reports of clearer mental processes. Proper hydration is often overlooked by physicians who would prefer to prescribe medication. When the body is even slightly dehydrated, it slows down to conserve water reserves. This hinders the body from healing and detoxifying as it was designed.

When is the best time to consume water? You should consume most of your water intake between meals and not during meals. For best results start your morning off with 20+ ounces of water as soon as you wake up. Keeping a large glass of water on your desk at work is also a good tip; if the water is readily available, you will automatically drink it, helping you with your daily intake.

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