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TITAN Water Selector


Do not risk your expensive countertop by drilling a faucet hole.

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  • Quickly connect most Reverse Osmosis systems with simple plug-in connections.
  • Easily connect any water filtration system to your existing kitchen faucet.
  • DIY friendly, no plumber needed. Step-by-step installation videos.
  • Switch from tap to filtered water with the push of a button.
  • The simple solution for installing an apartment water filter.
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The TITAN Water Selector was uniquely designed with the Do-It-Yourself person in mind. Today, even municipally treated water is not safe to drink, and more people are opting to install quality filtration systems under their sinks. There are many great options to choose from online and most are relatively easy to install, except for the faucet which requires drilling a hole in your countertop. For a professional, drilling a hole in a granite or quartz countertop with a diamond drill bit is not difficult, but most of us do not have this expensive drill bit and surely do not want to crack or scratch our countertop.

The TITAN Water Selector offers a simple solution to this problem, now you can hook up your reverse osmosis or carbon filtration device directly to your existing kitchen faucet and not have to drill a hole in the countertop. Once installed you will be able to switch from tap water to filtered water with just the press of a button. The TITAN Water Selector is also an excellent option for those in apartments and rental homes, allowing you to easily install as well as take the system with you when you leave without damaging the countertop.

Operating the TITAN Water Selector could not be easier. Simply turn on the cold water and press the button; instantly, you will notice the water stream change from tap to filtered. The tap water stream is full force, and the filtered water stream will be about half the force, depending on your filtration system. When you finish dispensing filtered water, just press the button again or turn the water off. After turning the water off for two seconds, the TITAN will automatically switch back to tap water. Check out our installation videos and FAQs for more details.


Frequently Asked Questions & Specifications

Do I need to drill a hole in my countertop if I use the TITAN Water Selector to install my Reverse Osmosis system? No, the TITAN Water Selector allows you to install most Reverse Osmosis systems without drilling a hole in your countertop.

Can I install the TITAN Water Selector, or do I need to hire a plumber? We designed the TITAN Water Selector with the Do-It-Yourself person in mind and only require the installer to be moderately handy. Therefore, a plumber is not required.

Are there any videos that show how to install the TITAN Water Selector? Yes, we provide an easy step-by-step video of how to install the TITAN Water Selector.

Will the TITAN Water Selector allow me to install a water purification system in an apartment or rental home without damaging anything when I leave? Yes, the TITAN Water Selector allows you to install a water filtration system under-counter without making any permanent modifications. This means you can remove the TITAN when you move and reconnect the plumbing back to the way it was originally.

Can I use my existing kitchen faucet, or do I have to change it for the TITAN Water Selector to work? You do not have to change your existing kitchen faucet; the TITAN Water Selector was created to work with any kitchen or bathroom faucet.

Will there be a noticeable difference in my cold-water pressure when doing dishes? Unlike most inline cold-water filters which drop the water pressure dramatically, the TITAN Water Selector does not noticeably reduce your cold-water pressure when washing dishes.

Does the button for the TITAN Water Selector have to be installed under the countertop overhang? Although the most common place to install the button is the countertop overhang, the button can be installed in different locations depending on your cabinet/countertop setup. Some people install the button right inside the cabinet and simply open the cabinet door and press the button. You can be creative and attach the button wherever works best for your environment.

I have my Pure Hydration system currently installed on my countertop, can convert it to under the counter with the TITAN Water Selector and free up more counter space? Yes! Since introducing the TITAN Water Selector, many of our Pure Hydration customers have opted to move their systems under the counter. Installing the TITAN Water Selector and converting Pure Hydration typically takes about 20 minutes.

Do you have an installation video that shows how to convert Pure Hydration to under-counter with the TITAN Water Selector? Yes, click on the “Installation videos” tab on this page to view the video.

How do I know if I am using filtered water or tap water after installation? When you press the button to switch to filtered water, the flow of water reduces slightly. This makes it easy to recognize when the filter is operating. When you shut off the water, or push the button, the TITAN Water Selector will reset to your regular tap water, evidenced by the heavier stream of water.

Is there any maintenance on the TITAN Water Selector? For most, the TITAN Water Selector only requires battery replacement approximately once a year. If your water contains particulate matter, such as from a well, there is a filter net on the bottom of the TITAN that may need to be cleaned occasionally. Customers on municipal water will most likely never need to clean the filter net.

What happens if the batteries die? When the batteries become weak the TITAN Water Selector will not switch back and forth from tap water to filtered water when pressing the button. Simply replace the two AAA alkaline batteries on the bottom of the TITAN.

How often should I change the batteries? Replace the two AAA alkaline batteries about once a year.

Will I need to detach the TITAN Water Selector to change the batteries? No, the TITAN Water Selector has a detachable battery box on the bottom side; simply slide the grey tab and the spring load box will slide out. After replacing the batteries, slide the battery box back into the TITAN until it locks into place.


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