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pH UNDER – Under Sink Alkaline Water with Molecular Hydrogen (h2)

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  • Same healthy water as our bestselling Pure Hydration, now in an under-counter model that comes with a choice of chrome or brushed nickel faucet.
  • NATURALLY transform ordinary tap water into SUPERCHARGED alkaline antioxidant water from your home or office, for only .07 cents/liter.
  • Proper hydration with healthy water can reduce joint inflammation, improve mental clarity, promotes healthier skin/hair/nails. And, other customers comment on reducing their acid reflux/heartburn.
  • AFFORDABLE, user friendly and easy to install. Look no further! LIFETIME WARRANTY AVAILABLE.


The Hydrogen Water System Everyone is Talking About!

Girl drinking pure hydration water


  • Simple to Operate

  • Simple to Install

  • Affordable

  • All-Natural

  • Pennies per Liter

  • No Electricity Needed

  • No Waste Water

  • Ideal pH for the Body

  • Ultra-Filtration

  • Rich in Antioxidants

  • Removers 99.9% of Over 220 Water Contaminants

  • Great for Drinking, Cooking, Making Coffee, and More!

Dr. Abiola Oladoke

“I recommend this system to all our patients.”

Dr. Abiola Oladoke, California

pH UNDER, same healthy water as Pure Hydration, and tucked away under your counter. Easy to install, pH UNDER offers a choice of faucet finish: Brushed Nickel or Chrome, with your purchase. Perfect for the home that wants to maximize counter space.

Boost your immune system and detoxify your body with “Active Hydrogen” and feel the difference our customers boast about: reduced joint inflammation, improved mental clarity and more. This ideal pH for the body means reduced acid reflux and better hair, skin, and nails. Be sure to check our test results for all the contaminants our system removes.

“Finally found an alkaline system I could afford. I feel so energized!”

Customer SabrinaSabrina, Indiana

“My joint inflammation is much less since using Pure Hydration.”

Customer JacobJacob, Florida

“Since using Pure Hydration my mind feels sharper.”

Customer AnnaAnna, Texas

“My doctor recommended Pure Hydration to help with acid reflux. Finally got relief, and its natural.”

Customer GeraldGerald, Hawaii
pH UNDER Water Filter Machine with Faucet and Angle Stop
Comes Complete with Faucet, Angle Stop, and Tubing.
pH UNDER Water Filter Machine Side View
Swings Out for Easy Cartridge Changing.

Experience all the benefits people have been raving about.

pH UNDER a Pure Hydration, all-natural water ionizer now available as an undercounter model with a faucet. Now you can enjoy alkaline antioxidant water for $.07 liter, unlimited from your home. pH UNDER is easy to install and offers a choice of finish for your faucet: Brushed Nickel or Chrome, to match your kitchen faucet. Boost your immune system and detoxify your body to reduce joint inflammation and improve mental clarity. The ideal pH for your body means reduced acid reflux and better hair, skin, and nails. Check out our NSF report for all the contaminants our system removes.

Pure Hydration Running Couple
Doctor with Cosan/USA water

Recommended by Natural Health Practitioners as the best way to hydrate and detoxify the body.

  • Loaded with Antioxidants
  • Reduce Inflammation

  • Increase Energy Levels

  • Enhanced Mental Clarity

  • Reduces Acid Reflux

Start Enjoying Better Health Today!

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Pure-Hydration-Customer-Sheet 2021

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Cosan/USA pH UNDER Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty

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