Refer Your Customers

Who better to brag about Pure Hydration to a customer than one of our satisfied business customers! You now have the opportunity to refer customers to Pure Hydration-and get paid for it!


Very important – By referring your customers,  you will receive a referral payment for each customer that purchases a Pure Hydration unit. We will emailing detailed information on the Referral Distributor payment plan so be sure to include your company email on the application form.


Upon approval, you will be issued a Referral Coupon Code (RCC) that recognizes your company each time it’s used for online and phone in orders. The RCC code provides your customer a $50 discount off the retail price of a Pure Hydration unit along with FREE shipping & handling. Cosan/USA will issue your company a referral payment for every customer that purchases a Pure Hydration. Payments are issued on the 5th day of every month.


Please complete the entire application form. Upon approval, we will email a RCC code referral code at which time you can begin referring customer purchases.


Thank you for your interest in Cosan|USA!

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