WQA TITAN Deal (One per company)


Never Drill Another Countertop Hole

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  • Quickly connects most Reverse Osmosis/Water Filtration systems to the existing kitchen faucet.
  • Switch from tap to filtered water with a push of a button.
  • No more making a mess or risking damage to a customer’s granite or quartz countertop.
  • No worries about having to match your customer’s fancy faucet finish or design.
  • Allows you to open new markets such as apartments and rental homes.
  • Saves you time and aggravation. Customers love it.
  • One WQA TITAN special per company please.
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The TITAN Water Selector was specifically designed for the water treatment specialist. Eliminating installation steps and the risk of damage to a customer’s expensive countertop means more profit for you. And, no need to match the customer’s faucet style and finish.

Simplicity is the key when it comes to TITAN. Simple to install, and simple to operate, makes your sale and installation easier, and the customer happier.

Key Features of the TITAN:

  • Does not impede the flow when in “tap water” mode, so the customer has the same water pressure when washing dishes.
  • Creates two very distinct modes of water pressure between “tap water” and “filtered water”; the customer always knows when operating through the TITAN.
  • Automatically switches to “tap water” mode when the faucet is turned off.
  • Allows constant water pressure to an RO for backwatering and reservoir tank filling.
  • Works with both 3/8” and ½” plumbing and ¼” and 3/8” tubing. (Parts included for both.)
  • No electricity needed, requires two AAA batteries to provide approximately one year’s usage.
  • Control ball valve going to RO system for easy cartridge and membrane changes.
  • The TITAN can be locked in “filter” mode to purge air during the initial system setup, and for cartridge changes. Simply press and hold the button for five seconds to activate the locking feature. Press one more time to deactivate the lock.
  • Does not require a hole in the countertop for RO or carbon filter installation.


Frequently Asked Questions & Specifications

Do I need to drill a hole in my countertop if I use the TITAN Water Selector to install my Reverse Osmosis system? No, the TITAN Water Selector allows you to install most Reverse Osmosis systems without drilling a hole in your countertop.

Are there any videos that show how to install the TITAN Water Selector? Yes, we provide an easy step-by-step video of how to install the TITAN Water Selector.

Will the TITAN Water Selector allow me to install a water purification system in an apartment or rental home without damaging anything when I leave? Yes, the TITAN Water Selector allows you to install a water filtration system under-counter without making any permanent modifications. This means you can remove the TITAN when you move and reconnect the plumbing back to the way it was originally.

Can I use my existing kitchen faucet, or do I have to change it for the TITAN Water Selector to work? You do not have to change your existing kitchen faucet; the TITAN Water Selector was created to work with any kitchen or bathroom faucet.

Will there be a noticeable difference in my cold-water pressure when doing dishes? Unlike most inline cold-water filters which drop the water pressure dramatically, the TITAN Water Selector does not noticeably reduce your cold-water pressure when washing dishes.

Does the button for the TITAN Water Selector have to be installed under the countertop overhang? Although the most common place to install the button is the countertop overhang, the button can be installed in different locations depending on your cabinet/countertop setup. Some people install the button right inside the cabinet and simply open the cabinet door and press the button. You can be creative and attach the button wherever works best for your environment.

How do I know if I am using filtered water or tap water after installation? When you press the button to switch to filtered water, the flow of water reduces slightly. This makes it easy to recognize when the filter is operating. When you shut off the water, or push the button, the TITAN Water Selector will reset to your regular tap water, evidenced by the heavier stream of water.

Is there any maintenance on the TITAN Water Selector? For most, the TITAN Water Selector only requires battery replacement approximately once a year. If your water contains particulate matter, such as from a well, there is a filter net on the bottom of the TITAN that may need to be cleaned occasionally. Customers on municipal water will most likely never need to clean the filter net.

What happens if the batteries die? When the batteries become weak the TITAN Water Selector will not switch back and forth from tap water to filtered water when pressing the button. Simply replace the two AAA alkaline batteries on the bottom of the TITAN.

How often should I change the batteries? Replace the two AAA alkaline batteries about once a year.

Will I need to detach the TITAN Water Selector to change the batteries? No, the TITAN Water Selector has a detachable battery box on the bottom side; simply slide the grey tab and the spring load box will slide out. After replacing the batteries, slide the battery box back into the TITAN until it locks into place.

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