pH UNDER – Pure Hydration UnderCounter Ionizer *Special savings for a Limited Time* $150 off !

$445.00 $295.00


Introducing the new pH UNDER !

Say YES to hydration with clean, rejuvenating water straight to your sink.

pH UNDER is a non-electric, all-natural, compact Alkaline Water Ionizer with the same great proprietary four cartridge system as our original Pure Hydration model. Enjoy the benefits of Ionized Water, mineral-rich and full of molecular hydrogen. Select your faucet finish: Brushed Nickel or Chrome. Your system comes with everything you need to install under a kitchen sink with ease. Locate a hole on your sink (a knock-out or soap dispenser) or drill a ½” hole for the faucet. With a simple installation to connect your cold-water supply to the pH UNDER and you can enjoy 9.0-9.5 rated Alkaline water with 0.02 Micron Ultra-Filtration. The system comes complete with a full set of cartridges, faucet, angle-stop connector, tubing, and a stand.

The pH UNDER fits under most kitchen sinks with dimensions of 16”H x 14” L x 6” W. Changing the cartridges is an easy ¼ turn and locking design. There is no mess, and no fuss. Just Pure Hydration tucked below your cabinet. The faucet dispensing makes it easy to get the most of your Ultra-Filtered water, good for cooking, washing fruits and vegetables and of course drinking.

Tired of suffering the effects of chronic dehydration? Wake your body on a cellular level. Alkaline Antioxidant water is an effective aid for boosting the immune system. Plus, the Ultra-filtration removes harmful contaminants such as Lead, Arsenic, and viruses. Other ionizers cost thousands of dollars, but our all-natural process brings filtered water straight to your table at fractions of the price. Better skin, digestive health, muscle recovery and immune boosting is right at your fingertips.

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Chrome Finish, Brushed Nickel Finish