Clinical studies reveal that athletic performance improves when athletes hydrate with alkaline hydrogen rich water. Improved performance and pH balance with reduced lactic acid levels and recovery times – Every Athletes Dream! 
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It all boils down to maximizing cellular energy production within the cell called ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) and minimizing Oxidative Stress. An athlete’s consumption of oxygen goes up dramatically with increased breathing and heart rate during exercise. An estimated 4% of the oxygen that we breath works against us and can create Free Radicals within the cell reducing energy production. Types of Free Radicals that can form are 1) the SuperOxide Radical, 2) Hydrogen Peroxide, and 3) the Hydroxyl Radical, which is deemed the most dangerous due to its tendency to react with the first molecule it comes in contact with.


When Free Radical occurrences cascade beyond the body’s natural Anti-Oxidant protections – the body falls into a state of Oxidative Stress. While in Oxidative Stress the cells energy producers called the Mitochondria become compromised and energy production becomes challenged. As result increased lactate is produced and Lactic Acid levels increase lowering ph levels within the body resulting in fatigue and premature muscle failure.


If the mitochondria become compromised due to millions of free radicals, they will are not able to maintain the needed ATP production rate for exercise causing the body to use glycolysis for its high ATP needs. When this occurs more lactate (lactic acid) is produced, which means fatigue will quickly set in.

Performance Benefits
Pure Hydration’s Alkaline Antioxidant Water rated at 9.5 pH is loaded with 1,500 PPB (Parts Per Billion) Molecular Hydrogen. This combination of high pH and Molecular Hydrogen reduces both acidity and free radicals within the cell.  Molecular Hydrogen is the smallest element on the Periodic Table of Elements and is the smallest known antioxidant on earth found in plants, fruits, vegetables, and water. It’s small size makes for quick cellular absorption rapidly diffusing through the cells outer membrane into the mitochondria where it neutralizes free radicals. Hydrogen Enriched Water can be the key to sports performance, recovery, and health.
Maricela Cornejo

WBC Female Champion Boxer

Maricela consumes Pure Hydration water every day and antioxidant loads during workouts with a Pure Hydration Hydro Bullet.


Maricela Cornejo, 25, a professional middleweight boxer, is also a reigning Boxing Illustrated Middleweight Champion. The 5’10” Cornejo grew up in Grandview, Washington, and in addition to boxing, she excelled as an athletic in volleyball, basketball, as well as pitching for her fast pitch high school team.  When she is not in the ring, she is a television and movie actress and spokes model.


On August 4, 2012, Maricela fought Mia Henderson at the Cobb Center in Atlanta, Georgia and won by a four-round majority decision resulting in Cornejo winning the Boxing Illustrated Novice Middleweight Championship. On November 17, 2012, In Maricela’s second pro bout, she faced Terri Love at the Four Points Sheridan, in Sacramento, California and won by a third round TKO, bringing her boxing record to 2-0-0 (1KO).

Asaf Goren
Asaf Goren
World renowned break dancer, season (12) of  “So You Think You Can Dance”, season 4 of “Are You The One”
Kevin Casey
Kevin Casey
Champion MMA/UFC Fighter, Married to the late boxing great, Muhammad Ali’s Daughter, Hana Ali.
John Salley
John Salley
NBA Champion and retired Los Angeles Laker


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